Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SEO Google Study Examines Organic/PPC Interplay - A new Google study examines a common question from advertisers: A... http://ht.ly/1dYsZ5
SEO Are Cars Becoming the Ultimate Mobile Selling Device? - Interesting new interactive apps are being created for ... http://ht.ly/1dYnSM
social Why Google+ Isn’t Competing with Facebook - "The funny thing is, it doesn’t think that it needs to comp... http://ht.ly/1dYnSP
SEO Google VP Explains the Google+ "Real Name" Policy - Vic Gundotra, Google's VP of Social, discussed the company'... http://ht.ly/1dYipf
social Webinar Today: Get Buy-In for Social Media at YOUR Company! http://ht.ly/1dYfBI
SEO 5 Tips for Selecting PPC Keywords - Keywords are the nerve center of every paid search campaign, big and small.... http://ht.ly/1dYcXr
SEO Local SEO: 10 Tips for Ranking in Your Area - Any business of any size can benefit from search engine optimizat... http://ht.ly/1dY89z
social Don’t Post the Same Content on all your Social Profiles http://ht.ly/1dY89C

Monday, July 25, 2011

SEO Bing Tests New Home Page "Live Tiles" Design, PPC Ads in Organic Results http://ht.ly/1dXVOf
social Six Crowd Sourcing Essentials - Shaping Your Future Marketing Department http://ht.ly/1dXMyj
SEO Google Closing Down Labs - Google has announced that its Labs project, which spawned Gmail, Goggles, Maps, Read... http://ht.ly/1dXDQA
SEO Google Directory Has Been Shut Down - Google's Directory, a relic of eras past, has been removed – with essenti... http://ht.ly/1dXz9s
social Will Google Up the Ante With a New Games Network In Their Battle With Facebook? http://ht.ly/1dXtSW
social Getting Fans to Notice Your Facebook Page Posts - Not every post you make on your Facebook Page will get rea... http://ht.ly/1dXeh3
social How to Avoid the Hard Sell in Your Content - You have established yourself as a subject matter expert in you... http://ht.ly/1dX7CS

Sunday, July 24, 2011

SEO Major Google URL Removal Exploit Found & Resolved - A Google Webmaster Tools user found a security hole that al... http://ht.ly/1dX2lQ
SEO Google+ Strategy: 5 Tips to Help Marketers Get Ready for Brand Pages http://ht.ly/1dWDiR
social I Google+ circled, followed, liked, linked, bookmarked you, now what? http://ht.ly/1dWx4r
social Corporates Get Vocal As Google Goes Social! http://ht.ly/1dWswt

Saturday, July 23, 2011

SEO Ears to the Ground: Linden Lab is Changing How it Listens to its Customers http://ht.ly/1dWorP
social Who is the 'Social Business Change Agent'? - Social business is not about communication. It’s not about tech... http://ht.ly/1dVZ9k

Friday, July 22, 2011

social If Facebook Were High School...! - "Last year, I had a request from the boy who sat behind me in high s... http://ht.ly/1dVCUP
social Why Google+ is Great for SEO - "Having landed and created huge ripples in the social networking sphere,... http://ht.ly/1dVs6q
SEO Google Introduces AdWords Credit Card for Advertisers - Select U.S. search advertisers are being offered the ch... http://ht.ly/1dVpOF
SEO Google+ iOS App Released, Tops iTunes - Just over three weeks after the release of the Google+ social network a... http://ht.ly/1dVhs4
SEO Is IT in Your In-House SEO Circle? - As we all entrench ourselves into the current “circles” mania, it’s import... http://ht.ly/1dVc59
SEO How Social Networking Fits in the B2B Search Marketer’s Toolbox http://ht.ly/1dV7dM
social Social Marketing & Customer Service: Marriage Partners Or Holiday Romance? http://ht.ly/1dV7dP

Thursday, July 21, 2011

SEO Google Logo Honors Mobile Inventor Alexander Calder - If you’re wondering what the logo is on Google today, it'... http://ht.ly/1dUUYS
social It’s Time to Take the Moneyball Approach to Social Media Marketing http://ht.ly/1dUM0n
SEO Bing Satisfaction on the Rise, Facebook Customers Unsatisfied http://ht.ly/1dUCWm
SEO Google Buys Social Networking Site Fridge, Scoops up JustSpotted Team for Google+ http://ht.ly/1dUxQL
SEO Who is Using Google+ and How Often [Stats] - Google’s social project Google+ is still in “limited” beta testing... http://ht.ly/1dUsi2
social Spotify Hits America, Facebook Linking With Skype - "Whatever happens, there is the potential for big m... http://ht.ly/1dUsi5
SEO How Do You Spell Website Success? Correctly! - Lick it or not, spelling errors on commercial websites are a tur... http://ht.ly/1dUha6
SEO 9 Ways You Can Improve Your Infographic Pitches to Blogs & Websites http://ht.ly/1dUcpC
social Top 9 Lessons Digital-Age Marketers Can Learn from Harry Potter http://ht.ly/1dUcpF
Leads Should I translate my website? http://ow.ly/1dU51i

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SEO Bing Man On The Moon Homage Makes Space for Way Ahead - Whilst Google celebrated the father of genetics, Gregor... http://ht.ly/1dTS7w
social Should Bloggers be on Google Plus? - "Since building a successful blog is all about knowing where your ... http://ht.ly/1dTPnd
SEO Will New Gmail Ad Formats Be Totally Worth Dating, Engaging, Marrying & Having Babies With? http://ht.ly/1dTFW1
social Social Media is the World… and Ice Cream - A video post from Elastic Lab on the impact of social media. http://ht.ly/1dTDp9
SEO Google vs Copiepresse Copyright Tension Settled - Copiepresse, a copyright management company for Belgian newsp... http://ht.ly/1dTAQ0
SEO Gregor Mendel Google Logo Gives Peas a Chance - Today's Google Doodle is written in pea pod shells to mark the ... http://ht.ly/1dTvhe
social Social Media and Integration Chief Among Marketers' Priorities http://ht.ly/1dTvhh
SEO The Future of the Bing-Twitter Partnership - After having lost its deal with Google, Twitter is now at risk of ... http://ht.ly/1dTpvA
SEO Is it Time to Cull Your Social Networks? - Friends. Followers. Contacts. Circles. Social networks can be fun an... http://ht.ly/1dTjUO
SEO What Goodies Does Google+ Hold for International Search Marketers? http://ht.ly/1dTeZs
social What is Engagement in Social Media? - � http://ht.ly/1dTeZv

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SEO How Google Impacts Our Memory - A new study has demonstrated that Internet technologies, especially search engi... http://ht.ly/1dT1Db
social Social Media's Dirty Little 12-Letter Word - Like crowdsourcing before it, gamification threatens to be a gr... http://ht.ly/1dSRSg
SEO How Google Makes Its Billions: The 20 Most Expensive AdWords Keyword Categories http://ht.ly/1dSIxu
social Microsoft to Launch New Social Network Called Tulalip Via Socl.com http://ht.ly/1dSG2T
SEO Yandex.Webmaster Now Available in English - The Russian search engine Yandex recently translated its Yandex.Web... http://ht.ly/1dSDFN
social When Social Media Today Met Salon - Justin Elliott is a Salon.com reporter who in the past has incorrectly a... http://ht.ly/1dSyhv
SEO Ask Murdoch Search Engine Spoofs HackGate, Evades Answers http://ht.ly/1dSyhs
Leads LinkedIn for Greater Visibility and Increased Sales http://ow.ly/1dSyvv
social Twitter Is Not Your RSS Feed – Stop Treating It Like One http://ht.ly/1dSq0c
SEO Blog SMO Guide: How to Apply Social Media Optimization to Your Blog in 33 Steps http://ht.ly/1dSnkY
SEO The Agency's Guide to Building Links and Expertise with Guest Placement Campaigns http://ht.ly/1dSinB

Monday, July 18, 2011

SEO Facebook Testing New Story Verbs and Locked Nav Bar? - Facebook seem to be testing a locked navigation bar so t... http://ht.ly/1dRVDr
social Facebook's BranchOut: Anti Social Media - "So yes, I have been invited, but I’ve not accepted this invi... http://ht.ly/1dRK1h
SEO Google Tests Locked Search Box, New-Look Instant Previews http://ht.ly/1dRHJe
SEO Bing Releases Updated Weather & Finance Tools - The search engine game has become as much about offering powerf... http://ht.ly/1dRCEp
social Survey Reveals Social Media Listening and Engaging Pays Off http://ht.ly/1dRCEs
SEO AdWords Adds Top vs. Side Reporting - To help AdWords users get more accurate feedback on how their ads are per... http://ht.ly/1dRxfp
social Facebook, You And Your Relationship: It's Complicated! http://ht.ly/1dRuuQ
SEO How to Optimize 3 Important Internal Link Structures - One of the most overlooked aspects of a successful SEO c... http://ht.ly/1dRrMJ
SEO Understanding the 98 Google Local Ranking Factors - David Mihm has released his annual Local Search Ranking Fac... http://ht.ly/1dRmUB
Leads Marketing Automation http://ow.ly/1dRn5K

Sunday, July 17, 2011

SEO Facebook Bans Advertiser Pushing Google+ Follows - Michael Lee Johnson thought he was being a good marketer usi... http://ht.ly/1dRaId
social Social Customer Leadership Forum, Wednesday, July 20 http://ht.ly/1dRaIg
SEO comScore, YouTube to Launch YouTube Partner Reporting - ComScore Video Metrix released data Friday showing that... http://ht.ly/1dQLP1
SEO SEO is More Alive Than Ever - SEO may be a bitch, but it’s not dead. I wrote last month about my love/hate re... http://ht.ly/1dQIfw
social Don't Tell Me to Find You on Facebook http://ht.ly/1dQF7v

Saturday, July 16, 2011

social Why Using Social Media to Meet the Status Quo Isn’t Enough http://ht.ly/1dQwzU
social Blogging+ About Google+ - I posted the other day about my first short impressions of Google+ – and then I do http://ht.ly/1dQ1IL

Friday, July 15, 2011

SEO The Google+ Controversy & Virtual Worlds – A Question Of Identity http://ht.ly/1dPStD
social What Google Did Next (understanding Google’s plan and the future of social media marketing) http://ht.ly/1dPJSR
social Gigya Arrives on Social Media Today! - "...this is just step one for a feature expansion that will allo... http://ht.ly/1dPySI
SEO Google Product Search Insights: The Impact of UPCs on Customer Conversions http://ht.ly/1dPwwV
SEO Is Schmidt Batting Cleanup for Google on the Hill at Antitrust Hearings? http://ht.ly/1dPrjj
SEO In China, Baidu Continues Search Market Domination Over Google http://ht.ly/1dPm0l
SEO 5 Reasons Google+ Is Not A Facebook Killer - For the past couple weeks, a select gathering of us (likely includ... http://ht.ly/1dPgos
social Social Media ROI: You’re Popular? So What. http://ht.ly/1dPbri
SEO Local Online Business Listing Hijacking: Protecting Your Identity http://ht.ly/1dPbrf
SEO Google at 92%; Facebook at 54% Industry Share in UK - Google and Facebook are dominant players in their respect... http://ht.ly/1dP2v4

Thursday, July 14, 2011

SEO Visual.ly Infographic Search & Data Visualization Tools Launch Publicly http://ht.ly/1dOXRM
SEO Google Reports Q2 2011 Earnings, Record $9 Billion Revenue http://ht.ly/1dOxzp
social Plaintiffs, Beware of Social Media - Judge Saylor went on to say that regardless of privacy settings, “Faceb... http://ht.ly/1dOucg
social When is It Okay to Use Social Media to Self-Promote? http://ht.ly/1dOiu3
SEO New York Times & Digital Due Diligence Target Google's Local SEO Spam Problem http://ht.ly/1dOals
social Why You Should Check-out the Foursquare 'Check-Ins' - For those of you who own a business or manage social m... http://ht.ly/1dO6gt
SEO Link Building by Starting a Market Research Firm - One successful link building strategy is to start a market r... http://ht.ly/1dO25E
SEO A Starter’s Guide to Search in Korea - A quick way to understand search in South Korea is to first examine what... http://ht.ly/1dNUTt
Leads Digital fragmentation: sub-specialist silos and the 'special ones' http://ow.ly/1dNKO8

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

social How Social Media Has Disrupted the Internet - A fundamental shift is taking place online, from an informatio... http://ht.ly/1dN8Hr
SEO Google's Photovine Goes Live - Photovine, a Google project that's been rumored for several weeks, has officiall... http://ht.ly/1dN5lQ
SEO Google Appeals Wiretapping Definition Ruling - When Google "accidentally" picked up data from encrypted wireles... http://ht.ly/1dMXH4
social 5 Great Tools for Social Media Teams - "...in my own startup we have started to heavily rely upon the h... http://ht.ly/1dMXH7
SEO Google+/Gmail Integration: Current Status & Giving Feedback http://ht.ly/1dMP6k
social Patience Is A Virtue – With Social Media It’s A Requirement http://ht.ly/1dMLn1
SEO 37% More Incentive to Focus on SEO for Bing - Large search agency, Rosetta (recently acquired by Publicis), hav... http://ht.ly/1dMHyt
SEO How to Analyze Your PPC Ad Positions - On the surface, your average ad position is one of the most straightforw... http://ht.ly/1dMAcB
SEO Google UK Honors Architect Sir George Gilbert Scott With Doodle http://ht.ly/1dMmFw

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SEO Google Opens Wallet to Buy Smartphone Loyalty Card Startup Punchd http://ht.ly/1dLQna
social Webinar - Eric Schwartzman on Winning Buy-in for Social Media in Your Organization http://ht.ly/1dLMjz
SEO Google's "DDP" Ad Targeting Service on the Way - Google's powerful ad network may be in for another rush of exp... http://ht.ly/1dLIBJ
SEO Google+ Beta Hits First Major Bug - Google+, which has been in field trial mode since June 28, hit its first ma... http://ht.ly/1dLAeY
social Twitter Town Hall Cynicism is Misplaced - "In the many face-to-face town hall meeetings held to date, o... http://ht.ly/1dLAf1
SEO Google+ May Already Have 9 Million Users - Google+ has been out for two weeks, but the number of users has alre... http://ht.ly/1dLsvQ
social Twitter Shows 3rd-Party Love With New Developer Site http://ht.ly/1dLodx
SEO SEO 101: 6 Steps to Selecting Your Pages - After you’ve selected your keywords by building your target keyword ... http://ht.ly/1dLk5C
SEO The PPC Test You Shouldn’t Run - PPC has always been a fast-moving channel. The search engines (and lately, soc... http://ht.ly/1dLcKA

Monday, July 11, 2011

SEO St. Basil's Cathedral Google Logo Marks 450th Anniversary of Russian Landmark http://ht.ly/1dKTWk
social Want to make your business social? 10 things you can start doing today. http://ht.ly/1dKedW
SEO Google +1 Button on More Homepages than Tweet Button - A study from BrightEdge examining the prevalence of soci... http://ht.ly/1dJYdy
SEO Google Acquired 11 Companies in 2011, Microsoft Made Biggest Transaction http://ht.ly/1dJR4k
social The Beginning of Web 3.0: The Google+ Vs. Facebook Debate is Irrelevant http://ht.ly/1dJHrL
SEO Covario Expect Asia/Pacific Search Ad Spend Will Grow in 2011 http://ht.ly/1dJEIs

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

SEO How to Win a Trip to SES San Francisco - For SES San Francisco we’re launching an “Attendees Choice Contest” th... http://ht.ly/1dI4hp
SEO Google Ventures Quietly Invests in Collaborative Toolset for Scientists http://ht.ly/1dHZek
social Simplicity and Integration Continue to Drive Facebook’s Success http://ht.ly/1dHMzP

Friday, July 8, 2011

SEO Foursquare Boasts Half a Million Registered Merchants - Foursquare is continuing its rapid growth. In addition ... http://ht.ly/1dHi04
SEO YouTube Experiment on Cosmic Panda - One of YouTube's new experimental interfaces is receiving a lot of attenti... http://ht.ly/1dHalr
social Twitter, Your New Doctor - "Tweets showed that some serious medical misperceptions exist. We found that... http://ht.ly/1dH34h
SEO Apple App Store Hits 15 Billion Downloads, Revamps iAds http://ht.ly/1dH34e
SEO How to Create Ethical Linkbait from Public Information - There are limitless opportunities to create things for... http://ht.ly/1dGVfD
social Goodbye, Wallet! Will Mobile Phones Become Future Credit Cards? http://ht.ly/1dGGpS
Leads Psychographic targeting in B2B marketing http://ow.ly/1dGwYn

Thursday, July 7, 2011

social G+: Twitter and Tumblr are Biggest Losers - "Much of the commentary has centered on what a successful G... http://ht.ly/1dGgFc
SEO Twitter Leaving Nest? Taking Risks, Raising Funds & Buying Companies http://ht.ly/1dFJEa
SEO Facebook Blocks Google's Shot at Social - In response to Google+, the Google social network that's currently in... http://ht.ly/1dFBBm
SEO Macy’s.com Demonstrate Ways to Fail with Your Country Selector http://ht.ly/1dFtSy
social Why Facebook Is Flat: A Look At Its 'Most Unfavorable Underbelly' http://ht.ly/1dFmGn

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

social Tips for Location-Based Marketing: Part 1 - Marketers today are being impacted by location in ways that many... http://ht.ly/1dEQIw
social Has Social Media Become More Important Than the Environment? http://ht.ly/1dEAZn
social Announcing Hands-On Training from Social Media Today http://ht.ly/1dEphb
SEO Facebook Expected to Announce Video Chat With Skype - Watch today's announcement live on SEW, right now. We'll ... http://ht.ly/1dEph8
social The Only Reason to Participate in Social Media - Plain and simple, the real reason to participate in any mar... http://ht.ly/1dEdzD
SEO Study Looks at Searcher Verbosity, Ask "Wins" - Different search engines appeal to different demographics, and ... http://ht.ly/1dE9qU
social PR and Communications Implications of Google+ (and Other Observations) http://ht.ly/1dE2hy
SEO Why Marketers Must Care About Site Speed - The speed of a website may be one of the most overlooked factors whi... http://ht.ly/1dDPBx

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SEO Bing and Baidu Team Up for English Search Results - Baidu has announced an agreement with Microsoft for powerin... http://ht.ly/1dDeJT
SEO Bing Updates iPad App With Cool "Circle & Search" Touch UI http://ht.ly/1dD7js
social The (Realistic) Risks & Rewards of Social Media: 15 things you stand to gain, and lose, by engaging in socia... http://ht.ly/1dD7jv
social What you can learn from conference tweets and Foursquare check-ins http://ht.ly/1dCVQq
SEO How Inventory Feeds are Changing Paid Search Advertising http://ht.ly/1dCS2v
SEO Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes in Digital Media Data Analysis http://ht.ly/1dCL8z

Monday, July 4, 2011

social Hey Buddy, Wanna Buy an Online Review? - Did you know there are people all over the world who’ve had a 5-sta... http://ht.ly/1dChkg
SEO Yahoo Ranks Best Fireworks For Fourth of July - Searches for firework locations get a big play leading up to th... http://ht.ly/1dC7UW
social 3 Social Media Marketing Lessons Taught by MySpace Failure [Exclusive] http://ht.ly/1dC56c
SEO Fourth of July Doodle Second Longest Running Google Celebration http://ht.ly/1dC2wM
social Be a Rebel to Improve Your Marketing Results - When businesses go social they often follow in the footsteps ... http://ht.ly/1dBWqa

Sunday, July 3, 2011

social Who Is Creating Social Media Content in Your Organization? http://ht.ly/1dAD3f

Saturday, July 2, 2011

SEO Social Expectations: Linden Lab Launches Social Profiles http://ht.ly/1dzODS
social Social Media History: From Prehistoric Paint to Postmodern Posts http://ht.ly/1dzJts

Friday, July 1, 2011

social Google Plus (Google+): The Painful Realization - Facebook is, unfortunately, too big to fail. So now, I have... http://ht.ly/1dzkFy
social More Marketers Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool http://ht.ly/1dz6hu
SEO Google Gives Away eBook on the "Zero Moment of Truth" - Technology has changed the way marketing works, and a n... http://ht.ly/1dz32K
SEO Google Helps 'Mobilize' Your Business Site in Minutes - Google is helping small businesses become more mobile-f... http://ht.ly/1dyVwX
SEO Google+ Must Focus on Sharing With Purpose, Not Privacy http://ht.ly/1dyNlT
SEO Will Local Make up 70% of Mobile Ad Spending? - Last week, BIA/Kelsey released its latest forecast, projecting ... http://ht.ly/1dyFmw
SEO 4 International SEM Tips to Bolster Your Global Agenda - Many global companies manage paid search from one ivor... http://ht.ly/1dyyu5
SEO Google+ in China: Banned, Slow, or Just Ignored? - Google+, the new Google social network, may already be banne... http://ht.ly/1dymja