Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why Digital First is Better

I've worked within many disciplines of marketing. Each and every one has merit, all depending on what the brand is setting out to accomplish through marketing. It's not a contest, but many professionals sure are trying to make it into one. When I decided to focus 100% on digital, the majority of my peers in the traditional advertising and public relations industry tried to convince me that I'd better set my mind to making my transition a temporary one.

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Once Upon A Guitar: Storytelling Tips From Jimi Hendrix's Ghost (aka Mark Hermann)

Done right, sharing information through stories makes a message sing like NOTHING else can do. Someone who's great at it: Mark Hermann – music producer turned storyteller – on the Rock and Roll Zen blog. Inspired by his bio page, I shot him an email to pick his brain for bits of wisdom to share.

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When Social Media Goes Bad: The Human Effect [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is social media causing hostility to rise among users? A study revealed, among other things: nearly 4 in 5 people are seeing increased incivility on social media, and 2 in 5 have unfriended or blocked family, friends or coworkers as a result.

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10 Guidelines to Local Search Engine Optimization

In this article, local search engine optimization will be studied in detail to provide a better understanding of this valuable marketing method to local businesses. If there is no location specified, but the business has a local presence on the internet, then Google will limit listings displayed to those within the proximity of the person searching.

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Getting More People to Say, "I'm with the Band"

With the recent release of Twitter’s #Music app and Facebook’s latest redesign that boasts a music feed, social media entities are aggressively charging full speed ahead in their quest to become the preeminent discovery platform for new music. This presents artists big and small with a treasure-trove of opportunities to go viral, collect new fans and followers, and keep them engaged. It also makes social media literacy an absolute imperative.

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Etsy Marketing Made Easy with Pinterest

To anyone who spends much time on either site, Pinterest and Etsy seem like the ultimate Internet "best friends." They are both visual by nature, much of their content is positive and both platforms can steal hours from you in the blink of an eye. Many Etsy sellers have discovered that Pinterest is an excellent way to expose their audience to their products. Pinterest, in return, implemented a number of things to make Etsy marketing easier for sellers.

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18 Fresh Stats about the State of Social Media Marketing

At some point or another, we’ve all heard people spout off about the “death” of social media. One day someone announces a boycott of Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest -- the next day, the social network is growing exponentially. So how should you, as a savvy inbound marketer, make sense of it all?

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Every Tweet Tells a Story

We can’t control the way people receive our messages, but we can carefully choose what messages we convey. We think about our Twitter and Facebook content within the framework of everything we say and do, but those on the receiving end don’t always see the whole. They might only see one of the trees in the forest, and judge the rest of the forest based on that one tree.

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Boost Your Social Media ROI with C-Level Twitter Engagement

Twitter can help your company increase engagement, build or expand your following, gain influence and attract new business. Encourage your CEO and other high-ranking executives to contribute to your company presence on Twitter. Getting high-level executives involved can help them connect to their market, foster new connections and nurture relationships with prospects, clients, content writers and industry influencers.

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Get Google Now, Now

Google Now has finally come to the iPhone and iPad. In an officlal blog post, Google announced that the popular app and service, previously only available to Android users, is now available on the iOS platform as part of an update to the Google Search app for iPhones and iPads.

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Has Social Media Changed the College Experience for the Better?

In all, social media enhanced my college experience – created ease in transitioning to a new place, while still being able to be connected to home. It helped me get involved in the community and meet new people. While social media is capable of causing more distractions in class, we are all adults in college and should have the sense to know better.

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Ten Steps for Managing an Online Crisis

Have a communications expert on speed dial. Oh, I already said this, didn’t I? Whenever I repeat this to friends, colleagues, or peers, someone will text me with some smarty pants remark such as, “How quickly do you respond to communication crises?” Have someone on speed dial who has lots and lots and lots of experience with issues and crisis management.

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How Did Social Media React to NBA Star Jason Collins Coming Out?

NBA centre Jason Collins made history yesterday by coming out as the first openly gay player at a top-level US professional team. He declared his sexuality in an article for Sports Illustrated, saying “I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.” The sports world united in their support for the player, with many NBA stars and athletes from other sports expressing their support on Twitter. President Obama reportedly called Collins to offer his support and applaud his Collins’ courage.

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3 Ways to Boost Reader Engagement on Your Blog

The blogosphere is a pretty big place these days. So big in fact, it seems to be getting more and more difficult to pull in a decent readership let alone garner a healthy dose of engagement on your posts. This problem is particularly frustrating because of the incredibly rich content and innovative ideas that often go virtually unnoticed.

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Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers of 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Forbes released their Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers of 2013 on the 17th of April. This infographic shows stats and figures of the influencers in the top 50. Is there anyone else on the list you think should be there and why?

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SEO Link Building Should Also Generate Traffic

Conducting keyword research and implementing selected keywords into website content is an important step in an SEO campaign, but it doesn’t start and end there. The ongoing component of an SEO campaign is link building. But all inbound links aren’t created equal.

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From Social to Digital Engagement: The Shift Is Coming

Whether a customer stands on the stage of awareness, consideration, purchase, or post purchase, touch points open and close. And it is in those moments that engagement, regardless of source or shape, affects the next steps and impressions of customers.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Why Instagram Rules the Social Media World

Do you remember “show and tell” from your elementary school days? This is the exact approach social media business users should be taking. Too often businesses merely tell followers why their product or service is worthy of a purchase. The best social media practitioners show and tell.

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3 Internet Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Susanne Morreale Leeber, the president of the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce, for their ongoing cable TV series called Biz Snips, where we discussed Internet marketing tips for small businesses. Here are three of them.

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5 Key Questions to Calculating Lifetime Social Value (from #SMWA)

The more you learn about social media, the more you realize you don't know. Presenting at the Social Media and Web Analytics (#SMWA) Summit in San Francisco, AOL shares five key questions they asked in calculating their customer's social lifetime value.

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Smartphones, Sex, Coffee or Cosmo? [INFOGRAPHIC]

A recent Sachs Media study claims that women are more willing to sacrifice sex for a week than their smartphones, coffee or alcohol. This infographic lays out the poll results in an accessible way -- and the bottom graph could serve as a reason for people to switch political allegiances.

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3 Places to Get Smart About Content Marketing

More brands are considering how to put content at the center of their marketing. Coca-Cola has put a stake in the ground with “liquid and linked.” Ford is doing it with their Content Factory. Intel is committed.

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Serious Business: Facebook on Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many companies and brands still don’t understand the importance of Facebook and how it gets driven via mobiles. However, some numbers put together by the guys at Qwaya indicate how serious decision makers should take the Facebook mobile business. The engagement of the web world turns towards mobiles, whether smartphones or tablets, and it is time to understand that Facebook cannot be taken out here.

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The Future of Social Media

In the past decade we have seen many changes in the world of Social Media and business. Twitter and Facebook have adapted to the world of business better than anyone could have imagined. In 2009, we saw the realisation of the influence that listening to consumers had on Social Media and in the ending of 2011, media went from being a simple broadcast platform to a sophisticated network of connections and rewarding engagements.

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Troll Fighting Tips and Tricks: The Hall of Shame

Having troll trouble online? Trolls have been with us from the day that computers were linked together and that online anonmity was made possible. As more and more people adopt social networks, encounters with these seedy denizens of the web rise in frequency, tainting many a person's first forays into online spaces. Here is a field-tested technique for dissuading trolls in forums and social networks.

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