Thursday, July 31, 2014

Top Dog: Advocate Marketing and America's Hot Dogs

As National Hot Dog Month comes to a close, this post takes a look at the top hot dog brands on Facebook to see which one does the best job engaging advocates, building community and growing brand love.

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Customer Service Is the New Marketing: Turning Satisfaction Into Sales

This week we hosted another Social Media Today webinar as part of the Best Thinker webinar series: "Customer Service Is the New Marketing: Turning Satisfaction Into Sales."

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How to Effectively Use Hashtags for Maximum Engagement

Hashtags: when used properly, they are a kind of glue that can hold your social media marketing campaigns together across networks and bring you new business. When used improperly, they can be the most annoying thing about social media, period. So what are the right and wrong ways to use them?

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The Cure for Blogging Procrastination

Feeling guilty? Did you fail to publish a post last week? Are you beating yourself up because that ebook, podcast, or product didn’t get launched? I understand how you feel. However, my friend, you need to suck it up.

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How to Rise Above the Content Marketing Confusion

Brands are not publishers. In the eyes of the readers, the bar is actually higher. What's a brand to do? First, slow down.

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Content Marketing Strategies for Midsized Companies

Content marketing isn't anything new but it has proven to be an effective marketing strategy for companies of all sizes. For 2014, the Content Marketing Institute reports that overall amounts spent on content marketing is segmented by B2B companies allocating 30% of their marketing budgets, while B2C companies earmark 24% of their marketing budgets.

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People Love You: The Real Secret to Delivering Legendary Customer Experiences

Enjoy a replay of our Hangout on Air with the author of People Love You: The Real Secret to Delivering Legendary Customer Experiences. This book and author discussion is the first for the Social Business Book Club, brought to you by Wiley and Social Media Today. This video features Jeb Blount.

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5 Painful Truths About Content Marketing

Most successful content marketing programs involve contributions from internal staff – as writers, as editors, as subject matter experts, or as sharers. For many of these people, content marketing represents less than one percent of what they are supposed to be doing. To make matters worse, most of these people do not report directly to you, Ms. Director of Content Marketing.

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Polish Your Graphic Design Skills

Improvement is something that each and every designer seeks. After all, improvement is growth. The moment we stop improving, is the moment we stop growing. Improving on your designing skills will not only satisfy you, but also the people you are working for, thus, ultimately boosting your confidence. Never forget that all the famous graphic designers who are making news today, were once at a stage that you are in now. You know what got them where they are today?

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The State of Social Media Scheduling

With so much pressure on marketers to be posting on multiple social media networks, multiple times a day, with multiple objectives in mine, it's easy to see why social media scheduling is such a hot topic right now. In this follow up study from Software Advice, a social CRM evaluation company, we learn how marketers are using social media optimization tools and what goals are driving their usage.

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10 Creative or Weird Uses of Instagram

Instagram might be the land of selfies, sunsets and food pics— and that’s totally fine with us— but it’s also home to some of the most creative social media minds in the business. Marketers, businesses and individuals have come up with incredible ways to make use of the every-growing photo social network.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

6 Extreme Social Media Strategies

In a market that has been transformed by social media, businesses are searching for unique ways to make a splash. Here are six innovative (or crazy?) social media strategies that businesses used in the last year to make a different kind of impression.

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Your Social Selling Questions Answered

Social selling is an enigma. Is it still selling? Is it entirely something different? Julio Viskovich gives his take on the 4 most common questions about social selling. Read them now!

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The Business Case for Content Curation

Adding curation to the content mix can build credibility, trust, loyalty, thought leadership and reciprocating brand relationships. Providing the maximum amount of utility using a mix of content from different sources is a win-win for everyone involved, especially the content consumer.

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Beyond Engagement: Making the Case for Employee Advocacy

Although there's a strong case for employee advocacy, we reconsider the advantages of brand-owned channels compared with personal networks in advocacy programs, remaining conscious of the reduced reach that this entails. Whichever way you choose to go, success is still dependent on doing the right things from the get-go and sticking with them. Employee advocacy may still be young, but it’s becoming increasingly effective as social channels become the norm in business.

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3 Big Lessons You Can Learn from Successful Brands on Facebook

Sometimes it seems like big brand pages have it easy on Facebook. With such large audiences it looks easy to have a successful online presence. However for small businesses there are still lessons to be learned from bigger brands on Facebook. This article focuses on two fashion/beauty brands who can teach us all a lesson in Facebook marketing.

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Move Over TripAdvisor, Another Social Network is the New King of Online Reviews for the Travel Industry

What if I told you that TripAdvisor is no longer the most popular review site for the travel industry? Based on a great new study published by the fine folks at Skift, Facebook have become more popular for finding travel inspiration and reviews than traditional online review sites like TripAdvisor.

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Measuring What Matters: Those Addictive Numbers

I’ve done it. It’s gone. Cold turkey. After years of asserting we need to measure what matters in social business – as opposed to just tracking outcomes we can count easily — I decided to take down the social sharing counter on my blog. Here's why.

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Would You Erase Yourself from Google Search Results? [PODCAST]

New European Union legislation on “the right to be forgotten” allows people to remove themselves from search results. Why hasn’t this been an issue in the U.S.? And what happens when you have the ability to remove yourself from history? There are also some profound implications for marketers and content creators.

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Social Is the Key to Customer Experience

Organizations in the midst of digital transformation need to take another look at how they are managing overall customer experience throughout the complete customer journey. And when they do so, they will realize that social technologies are key in creating connective tissue across that journey. Social is not a channel, it's a core competency of marketing in the post-digital world.

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Interview with Employee Advocacy Summit Speaker: Sabrina Stoffregen

Sabrina Stoffregen has been running Intel's employee advocacy program globally, since its inception. She brings amazing perspective as the leader of a program that is far ahead of most programs in this space. We are very lucky to have her sharing lessons from her program at the September 15 Employee Advocacy Summit in Atlanta.

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Google+ Is an Island of Misfit Toys

With the advent of the Internet and the virtual community, it’s been easier than ever for birds of a feather to do much more than just flock together – they’re able to discover that they’re swans and not ugly ducklings well before taking to the sky in V formation.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Guide to Making Your Social Media Smell Better

Is social media for marketing new? Is it rocket science? The answer to both of those questions is a big fat NO! So why are so many businesses still representing themselves on social media in a way that reeks of mediocrity? Take some time to consider these points about your use of social media and test your odour-rating.

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How Businesses Can Improve Their Apps

Unless you are Temple Run or Angry Birds your app is probably not as popular as you wish it was! Businesses are now frantically creating apps and sometimes hastily tossing an app into the world of downloads leads to errors! This is how many businesses can improve!

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Using Video Content in Your Emails

With the rise of youtube and vimeo we are seeing a surge in video content, and with that surge the question rises “Can I email my videos?” In the past the answer would be no. With the improvement of HTML, and the introduction of the video tag we are seeing more and more video finding it’s way into email.

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